How to Build Resilience in Times of Change


Change happens to all of us in various forms. Sometimes, change is a result of choices we make, and other times it comes our way unexpectedly.

The truth is, we live in a world of constant change, regardless whether you want to or not.

Quickly adapting to change will improve your effectiveness and productivity. And, being resilient will help you avoid being overwhelmed by changes.

How can you avoid change overwhelm?

Joy McCarthy, Ph.D., Business Psychologist, and speaker for the Resilience Alliance has this to say about change: "Resilience is a change-muscle that you can train and build stronger."

I completely agree.

If you are looking for ways to strengthen your resilience muscle to become change-ready, check out my seven tips below:

  1. Choose a positive mindset: See the world as an exciting place full of opportunities. Realize the abundant possibilities and options around you. Treat setbacks as learning opportunities that will build your inner strength.

  • Have a clear set of values : When you're in the midst of change, you often have to make many decisions. Establishing a clear set of values will work as your guiding principles to help you say NO to things that don't align with your values. Honoring your values allows you to spend time and energy on what is most important to you.
  • Focus on the learning process: Whenever you face change, you are given an opportunity to grow, stretch and learn new skills. Yes, getting out of your comfort zone feels awkward and uncomfortable. But, the good news is that discomfort leads to growth. Instead of getting discouraged over how much you don't know, try focusing on what you are learning as a result of the change. It's easy to forget how much progress you've made. Journaling about changes, a-ha moments, and new knowledge is a great way to honor the new journey you are on.
  • Think flexible: Action starts when you change your mindset. Stretch yourself by flexing your thinking patterns. Move away from "black and white" terms, such as "either/or," and toward flexible thinking. Use words such as "both/and." Explore out-of-the-box possibilities, connections, and options.
  • Practice taking risks: Every day, do something that is a tiny bit out of your comfort zone: try new restaurants, new places, meet new people, sleep on the other side of the bed. Proactively do something new and be aware of how it feels. Embrace the uncertainty by focusing on the experiences and knowledge you will gain by doing something new.
  • Create structure and systems: Structures and systems will create order during chaotic times. When you have structures and systems in place, your mind and energy are free to focus on important matters. Find areas in your life where you can create effective structures and systems. I recently reorganized my office closet, and now every item easily has a place to go back to.
  • Be open to help: You are not a superhuman; it's impossible to do everything by yourself. List the resources you already have and the ones you want. Create a support network that you can reach out to. Remember to be grateful and reciprocate the support the best way you can. When you are in the midst of a big life change, it may be hard to see the good that can emerge from it. But, I believe every change offers us positive lessons and growth opportunities. It's really up to you how you perceive it, and whether you roll with the changes or fight against them.
  • Change is the catalyst for your growth.

    Train your resilience muscle and be ready for the changes life has in store for you.

    Are you in the middle of a big life change? What are you doing to embrace it? Share your insights below.


    Nozomi Morgan, MBA, is a certified Executive Coach and the Founder and President of Michiki Morgan Worldwide LLC. Addition to coaching, she speaks and trains on leadership, career, professional development and cross-cultural business communication.

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