14 Little Ways Couples Cheer Each Other Up After A Bad Day

It's the little things. 💕

The best romantic partners somehow know just how to help you turn things around after a particularly crappy day.

They understand you don’t need some grand gesture ― just a simple note, a tight hug or a favorite meal can brighten an otherwise cloudy day. Below, 14 sweet little ways couples cheer each other up when the going gets tough.

1. They bring you coffee after a sleepless night.

“I suffer from headaches and was up all night with one. I woke up the next morning feeling a little better after seeing this coffee and note from my husband.”

Brittanie R.

Brittanie R.

2. They put on some music for an impromptu dance in the kitchen.

“My hubs saw me getting frustrated, so he asked me for a kitchen dance and led me to the record player for some Jack Johnson and a little sway. Exactly what I needed.”

Lindsey K.

3. They order food for you during an especially hectic week.

“I was super stressed out because of school and sports. I was a captain on the cross country team and I had a lot of commitments within the team. With school I had a bunch of big labs that were due soon. I was really busy that week and the result was me not sleeping or eating much. I told her I was super stressed and she immediately ordered me dinner at Panera. I love her, she’s the best.”

Kenneth W.

4. They lie with you until you calm down and fall asleep.

“He’ll lie in bed with me, even if it’s 8 p.m., and rub my back, tell me quietly how he hopes I have a good day tomorrow and that it will be all okay. He waits until I’m snoring away before he leaves the room.”

Crystal N.

5. They leave little love notes around the house.

“My partner Gregory and I were long distance for almost two years, and it was very stressful at times. We started to leave each other little love sticky notes when we would leave early (often before 6:30 a.m.) on Mondays to drive back to our respective states to go to work. It always lifted my spirits after waking up to him being gone and knowing we wouldn’t see each other all week. The notes consist of sweet affirmations, an inside joke, a special word or a thoughtful reminder not to forget something to pack for our next trip to see each other. ”

Kelley W.

Kelley W.

6. They give you a big hug and offer words of reassurance.

“I work two jobs and I have two girls from a previous long-term relationship, so I’m always busy, always quickly trying to get things done. I stress myself out very easily, and sometimes it just all comes crashing down on me after a bad day. My partner Alex has so much patience with me, it’s incredible. He knows how to read me and knows that sometimes all I need is a strong hug, even if it means him holding me as I’m falling apart. All I need is his reassuring comments and his arms to make me feel like everything is okay.”

Loyda R.

7. They rub your tired feet.

“He rubs a certain spot on my ankle that calms me down and makes me happy.”

Rebecca S.

Rebecca S.

8. They hand-deliver your favorite treat.

“My girlfriend is an eighth grade teacher ... and she was having an awful day at school. She was super tired and, of course, her students weren’t listening to her (as eighth graders often do). So when I saw the tweet she sent during her lunch period about wanting a doughnut, I decided to act on it and try to brighten her day. She loves doughnuts (sometimes I think more than she loves me) and at the time, I was still living in Chicago. So I drove down the street to Stan’s Donuts ― one of her favorite spots ― bought a box of a dozen, and then drove over an hour in traffic to her school. The surprised look on her face when I showed up at her classroom door, her smile and the tears she shed when she realized that I showed up with doughnuts just for her were well worth it.”

Mellow P.

9. They initiate a cuddle sesh with your pet.

“He brings me our dog like a cuddle delivery.”

Christina B.

Christina B.

10. They give you a funny card to make you laugh when you don’t feel like laughing.

“When you’re having a bad day but your boyfriend knows just how to cheer you up.”

11. They decorate the house just to your liking.

“My fiancé and I moved in together this summer, and I’ve been winding him up, saying this year he’s going to have the cheesiest Christmas ever, as he doesn’t see the point in decorations or even giving Christmas cards! I’ve been going through a particularly difficult period at work, and one dark November evening after a crappy day of awful meetings and working late, I walked into our flat to find everything in darkness, until I reached the living room. There, Connor started playing a Christmas playlist, handed me a mug of mulled wine, and straight in front of me was a Christmas tree with all the trimmings ready for me to decorate. I cried. It was so thoughtful and totally took my mind off my day.”

Jessica M.

Jessica M.

12. They shoot you a silly text to make you smile.

“My boyfriend sent me this text because I was at school that day and wasn’t feeling great. I had so much stuff that I needed to get done and there were a lot of personal problems occurring at the time. So he sent me cute texts all day, but this one was my favorite.”

Bekah G.

13. They get goofy with you.

“My fiancé and I always try to make each other laugh after a long, hard day. It’s the sweetest thing to me because it really works! Laughter is the best medicine.”

Jennifer L.

Jennifer L.

14. They bring you dinner in bed.

“When I am having a bad day, my husband brings me dinner in bed. There aren’t many things that a grilled cheese on a heart-shaped plate delivered by your man can’t fix.”

Cat C.

Cat C.

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