How to Choose a Career Path That Fits You Perfectly

In order to determine the right career path, you need to know the actual current work environment and how it changes over the time. From there you will have a suitable option for your career path.


Today, it is normal for an employee to change jobs five to seven times in a lifetime. We can see an image of a person who works for only one company whole life has become extremely rare. If you try to look around, we do not see that much anymore.

People change jobs more and less attached to a fixed workplace for their lifetime. Or they will change companies and their jobs or start running a company.

Here I will show you a complete picture of all the career paths for you to choose in addition to the traditional way, which is to stick with a company until retirement.

As observed by the leading professional consultants, currently there are typical career paths as the following:

  • Career pathway under the same function: a training manager at a company can move to work for another company, including changing to other fields, but still served as a position of training manager. Of course, he or she can be promoted, but to follow the career path of a training manager. He or she just changes into other working environments but still do the same job category.

  • Professionally develop in the same field: an employee can take on many different jobs in each stage of life. Such as a person can undertake a continuous improvement project, then switch to the quality management department within the same company, or the same field.
  • Develop towards entrepreneurship: you have co-founders in your team and establish a company. The first phase of a startup project is you have to safely and gradually shift from full-time job to a full-time business.
  • Develop under the direction of an expert: you go to work for a few years. Later, you choose your own path and become a consultant, a trainer, a speaker, an online marketer or an author and provide professional services to companies and individuals who are in need of your experience. You can set up your own company or you can work as a freelancer at home.
  • Develop under zig-zag direction: this is a career path becoming more popular nowadays due to circumstances of our lives have changed a lot. A typical example is someone who often changes jobs and the field of work. This road is more common for women because they often change jobs and place of work when getting married or having children. This path changes depending on the function and the field when you do a completely different job than before and you do not have any relevant experience.
  • How do you know which career path is best suited to you?

    There is no career path that is better or worse than others. Your choice is your life. The important thing is that whether it is right for you or not.

    First, know about yourself.

    There will be some factors you need to clarify before making any choices to figure out a suitable career path. They include living values, skills, experience, appropriate working environment, personality, motivation and goals in life.

    Note that all these factors can change over time. Your living values when you were 20 years old are different than those of yours when you are 60 years old. So please allow yourself a comfortable space with your choice. Not to get upset with yourself if you have to change the plan at some stage in your lives.

    Maybe you wanted to be an entrepreneur and to begin a start-up when you were at a young age but later you realize it was not the appropriate path for you or vice versa. There is no right or wrong, only suitable or not.


    There will be many career paths for you to choose as mentioned earlier in the article. For each of those paths, there are many more of choices of your professions, your workplace, your co-workers and over all things that belong to it.

    If you want to define your own path, you need to understand about yourself and allow yourself the flexibility to change at any time in different stages of your life.