Why Your Pyrex Suddenly Shattered...And How To Clean It Up (PHOTOS)

When Your Pyrex Glass Dish Breaks...

It went something like this: Our Senior Editor, Brie Dyas, opened the oven door to check on dinner when all of a sudden there was a large crashing sound, along with the plink plink of broken glass. She was OK, but her Pyrex baking dish was not. A shattering dish isn't something you ever want to encounter while cooking or baking, but it can happen when glass goes from hot to cold, or vice versa, too quickly. (It's also known as thermal shock.) And, if a check on "exploding Pyrex" (even though it's technically not an explosion) is any indication, Brie isn't alone in her experience.

To make the clean-up easier, we've rounded up eight tips that'll help alleviate your broken glass headache, whether it's tomato stains on your stovetop or burned food stuck to your oven walls. We even included the proper way to dispose of broken glass -- something we often forget about but can be very dangerous when not handled correctly. So even if you've been lucky to avoid shattering glassware, it won't hurt to be prepared. Flip through the slideshow to see what you should know after your cooking glassware shatters.

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How To Pick Up/Clean Up Glass

How To Clean Broken Glassware

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