How To Clean A Can Opener So It Works Like New

Make A Can Opener Work Like New Again

Let's face it: Most of us rarely think about can openers, let alone clean it as often as we would other kitchen tools. But the truth is that manual can openers can get pretty grimy -- and, while we're talking about it, they can get rusty as well. A trip in the dish washer can help, but won't solve the rust that builds up around gears. Before you replace it, check out this simple tip.

Simply fill a bowl with white or apple cider vinegar and let the can opener soak from a few hours to a full night, depending on the severity of the rust. Then, take an old toothbrush and scrub away the rust. Next, rinse the vinegar off with water and dish soap. Finally, completely dry the can opener, running the gears over a cloth to get into the small crevices.

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