How To Clean Earbuds And Headphones

An Easy Way To Clean Earphones

Whether they're for working out or blocking out office noise, earbuds and headphones help us get through the day with a little help from our favorite tunes. With all that use, it's not surprising that our earphones come in contact with a fair share of sweat, wax and dust that can clog up the speakers. To keep your listening device in pristine shape and keep sound quality at its best, treat your earphones to a good cleaning.

Simply mix a few drops of mild dish detergent with warm water. Then, using a slightly dampened cloth, wipe down the headphones. If your brand includes removable silicone covers, remove them and clean separately with a toothbrush. If your earbuds need extensive cleaning, apply rubbing alcohol to the surface with a Q-tip. Just be sure not to use too much solution, as mixing electronics and liquid can be damaging (to say the least).

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