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How To Clean Hairspray Off Of Every Bathroom Surface

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It's a legitimately annoying problem: Your bathroom is otherwise clean, except for a fine layer of hairspray residue all over the mirror, sink and walls. Even if you rarely use the stuff, the mist can occasionally miss your hair and end up everywhere. And the trouble is that, especially if you use strong hold formulas, your usual cleaning products won't completely get rid of the (sticky) situation.

But I found a great tip that, at first, seemed a little unusual--but makes complete sense. Simply use shampoo to remove the hairspray residue. After all, it works on your hair. Why not the sink?

To make the cleaning solution, combine a 1:3 ratio of shampoo-to-water in a spritz bottle. Shake to combine and then spritz onto the mess. Wait up to 5 minutes, and then wipe away with a clean cloth. Works for me!

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