10 Items You Need To Purge From Your Closet Right Now

🎶Let it go, let it goOo. 🎶

Anyone who's ever tried to clean out their closet has realized, at one point or another, that they have some serious attachment issues.

And with spring cleaning just around the corner, it's time we all face the reality that most of the items crowding our closets really shouldn't be there anymore.

Perhaps that mini dress with the risqué cutouts reminds you of the good 'ol days when you actually went out on Friday nights, or you're still not ready to give up on those adorable, blister-inducing flats that required a small loan to purchase.

But if you haven't even considered wearing these things in a long time, they'll serve a better purpose as someone else's perfect thrift store find or, if they're in really bad shape, being recycled in some way.

It's time to purge these 10 items from your closet immediately, because, trust us, you don't even realize the closet space you could have.

Anything you haven't worn in the past year
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Sure, that skirt might be in perfectly fine condition -- it may even still have the price tag on it -- but if you haven't worn it in an entire year, it's safe to say you aren't going to. And it doesn't belong in your closet.
Old electronics
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We get it. Once upon a time, your iPhone 4 was attached to your hip and now you feel weirdly obligated to keep its remains -- cracked screen and all -- tucked away in a box in your closet. But, for your own good, chuck it (responsibly!), along with that old digital camera and that tangle of useless cords.
Anything that belongs to your ex
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Even if you're on good terms with your ex, there's no point in keeping their things around. If they needed them back, they'd have asked by now. And do you really want to explain to your new significant other who that oversized t-shirt belongs to?
Damaged clothes
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That cute dress with the torn strap has so much potential, but if you haven't taken it to the tailor in a year, you probably never will. Same goes for that shirt with the coffee stain. If your bleach pen didn't make things better, nothing will.
Clothes that haven't fit in a very long time
Stockphoto4u via Getty Images
We know why you're holding on to those jeans that are way too tight: They're motivation for when you finally start eating clean and working out. But "body acceptance" is the new Hot Yoga and we promise you there's a pair of perfectly-sized jeans out there that'll make your butt look just as perky.
Underwear that's barely hanging on
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You don't have to toss out all your old underwear, especially those sturdy, comfortable old reliables, but if the elastic is hanging by a thread and there is at least one questionable hole, it's time to toss them out.
Your old Halloween costumes
Alexandr Stepanov via Getty Images
Unless you wear the same costume every year like Ron Swanson, that box of Halloween costumes in the closet corner just grows bigger and sloppier. Clear out all the costumes that you wouldn't be caught dead wearing at an office party. Yes, that means saying goodbye to your Sexy Police Uniform.
Uncomfortable shoes
szefei via Getty Images
No matter how hot those stilettos look, if you can't stand to wear them for more than an hour, you'll probably never wear them again. Don't feel defeated -- Victoria Beckham, being the style pro that she is, doesn't want to waste her time with uncomfortable heels either.
Old bags
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Like your old phone, at one point in your adult life, your handbag was your sidekick. That trusty pal held your entire life for months, but after rips, tears or Chanel's spring collection, its days are done. There's no reason to keep stockpiling the purses of yore in the back of your closet. Send them away to Goodwill or, if they've really aged, straight to the trash.
Those trendy pieces that you never totally bought into
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Whether it's those thigh-high leather boots you absolutely needed or that jumpsuit all the magazines swore would be your next go-to work outfit, it's time to bow out and face the facts: You were never really that into it.
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