How To Clean Pruning Shears So They're Rust And Bacteria-Free

This Could Be The Dirtiest Tool In The Shed

Pruning shears are one of the most important tools to have in your garden. From cutting away unwanted branches to helping snip your favorite flowers to put in a vase, this tool is a gardener's best friend. Unfortunately, because it is used so often, the blades can become dirty, rusty and carry bacteria that can infect healthy plants. But you can prevent this outcome with our easy tip.

First use warm water and two teaspoons of dish soap to scrub away sap and dirt from the blades with a stiff brush. Next, rinse the solution from the blades with clear water. If you see there is some rust already on your shears, use steel wool to buff off rust spots. Then, soak the blades for three minutes in a small pail with water and one teaspoon of bleach. This will kill any plant disease organisms on your blades. After you soak the shears, be sure to dry them well. Lastly, spray the shears with some lubricant oil to prevent any future rusting. Be sure to hang up your secateurs when storing. Follow these tips every time you use your pruning shears and you'll have a garden tool that's clean and safe for your garden!

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