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How To Clean Tarnished Copper With Ketchup

09/13/2012 08:34am ET | Updated October 1, 2012
Bright red ketchup is being poured from the bottle. From above. Selective focus.

Whether it’s a shiny tea pot, cooking pans or decor, copper is a popular element in the home. Unfortunately, the metal can lose its luster over the years. Luckily, our friends over at Real Simple found a natural and surprising way to clean tarnished copper.

All it takes is pouring a dab of ketchup onto a cloth and rubbing it on the item. Then, rinse with warm water and dry normally.

Pretty unusual, right? But that’s not the only reason why we like this tip. It’s great because you’re giving new purpose to a condiment you probably have in your home. Plus, it really works!