The One Thing You're Forgetting To Clean In Your Kitchen

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News flash! You know the little slots in your handsome knife block? They're filled with dust, bagel particles and other things you'd really rather not think about. Here, three ways to clean it so you can get on with your a sanitary fashion.


Use the Vacuum Cleaner Crevice Tool This suck-em-up attachment is a quick way to get in there and get the gunk out. Simply remove your knives and give the whole thing a vacuum once-over.

Or a Hair Dryer Can't find your crevice attachment? No sweat. Give the block a less-direct blast just by tilting it forward and running your hair dryer over the openings.

Or a Pipe Cleaner And if you still suspect there's more stuff in there, insert a pipe cleaner and twist, remove, repeat as needed.

Welcome to crumb-less slicing and dicing!


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