How to Communicate Like a Leader (2.6)

"You like being right, but that's not the way of the leader. A leader is not concerned with being right but with enhancing the team's intelligence."

A leader inspires others to accomplish a mission; a boss controls others to do as they are told. A leader seeks internal commitment; a boss demands external compliance.

As a boss-parent you want your children to read. You can "make" them read by taking away their devices until they do it.

As a leader-parent you want your children to want to read. With the boss-parent strategy you can make them read, but you can't make them want to read.

To inspire others to want to do what the mission requires, you must convince them that doing so is in their best interest. Only when your kids believe that it is best for them to read they will want to do it--even when you're not around to control them.

In the following video I discuss with Brian how a leader-manager can elicit internal commitment through conscious communication.

Readers: What conclusions do you draw from this case

Fred Kofman, Ph.D. in Economics, is Vice President at Linkedin. This post is part 2.1. of Linkedin's Conscious Business Program. You can find the introduction and structure of this program here. To stay connected and get updates join our LinkedIn Group: Conscious Business Friends