How to Connect With Your Spiritual Guidance

How to Connect With Your Spiritual Guidance
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Problems connecting with your spiritual guidance? Here's how!

Did you know that connecting with Spirit -- with your personal spiritual Guidance -- is a natural process? We are all born with the ability to connect, but, since this ability was rarely fostered as we were growing up, we forgot how. And the saying "use it or lose it" applies here: If we don't use it, we don't establish the neural pathways that make it easy for us to attain this connection.

The good news is that, with practice, you can always establish these neural pathways. It's all about INTENT.

If you are having problems making the connection, then you need to become more aware of your intent. When you have an intent to learn about what is loving to yourself and what is in your highest good, you will receive help from Spirit. Your intent to learn about loving yourself is your invitation to Spirit and opens your mind, heart and soul to receiving Spirit.

In examining your intent, you might want to ask yourself the follow questions:

  • Am I reaching to Spirit to have control over getting love and avoiding pain, or to learn what it means to be loving to myself and to others?
  • Am I reaching to Spirit in the hopes of controlling the outcome of something, or to understand what is in my highest good?
  • Do I have an agenda, or am I in true surrender?

Years ago, when I was questioning why we are on the planet, my Guidance gave me this answer:

"You are on this planet to evolve your soul in your ability to love and to fully manifest the gifts you have been given. This is the soul's journey. Your soul, and everyone's soul, knows this, and if you open and look deep inside, you will remember that this is why you came here. You are here to learn more and more about loving, and it has to start with loving yourself."

If you believe you really are open to learning, ask yourself if you want to learn purely to evolve as a loving human being, starting with yourself, or if there is some other outcome you have in mind, such as getting more money, meeting the perfect partner and so on. It is very easy for all of us to trick ourselves when it comes to our intent. Our ego wounded self is a trickster and loves to mask as being open, when what is really happening is that we are trying to control something rather than learn about loving ourselves.

Your intent determines everything else that occurs for you. Connecting with Spirit is not a difficult thing to do, but you may find it challenging to truly open to learning about loving yourself and others. Our automatic, programmed unconscious choice is to try to get love and avoid pain in order to feel safe, rather than learn about love, yet it is our deep desire to learn about what is loving, which opens the door to spiritual connection.

Connecting with Spirit is about raising your frequency to the level of Spirit. The major way of raising your frequency high enough to connect is by consciously choosing the intent to learn about loving yourself and others with no other agenda attached.

Along with your intent to learn about loving yourself, you also need to keep the frequency of your body high enough, which means eating clean, fresh non-processed foods. Sugar, too much caffeine, alcohol and drugs lower your frequency, making spiritual connection difficult.

Living without the GPS of your spiritual connection is a very painful way to live. Start today -- practicing opening to learning about loving yourself, both emotionally and physically, and your life will soon improve dramatically!

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