How to Conquer Major Home Inspection Problems

How to Conquer Major Home Inspection Problems
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There are a variety of hidden issues that can make selling your home difficult. Here are some of the most common home problems found during inspections (and how to fix them).

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#1 Faulty Electrical Systems

Make electrical issues a primary concern. Many electrical issues are fire hazards that endanger your home and its occupants. Have a trusted electrician inspect and repair any damaged areas to prevent electrical problems. Older homes sometimes require additional work. If you live in an older home, have your pro perform a thorough inspection.

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#2 Termite Damage

You may not know it, but termites could be silently destroying your home's structural integrity. Make sure to look for the warning signs of termite damage. Chances are if an inspector finds damage on your property, it's significant enough to lower the value of your home. If you suspect termites are in your home, contact a pest control service to eradicate the bugs.

#3 Water and Plumbing Issues

Schedule a professional plumbing inspection before you decide to sell. An expert can advise you on the severity of your home's water problems and recommend the best fix. Remedies might include repairing or replacing plumbing systems, small repairs in foundation cracks or the installation of a new drain or sump pump.

#4 Asbestos and Mold

The presence of mold or asbestos will lead to serious health hazards. Handle mold and asbestos removal with special care to prevent further risk. Mold is typically visible to the eye, but it may also occur in the hard-to-reach parts of your home. Airborne asbestos is not as easily detected and can lead to cancer and other health-related problems.

Removing mold from your home goes hand-in-hand with preventing water damage. Typically, a company that cleans up mold will also repair the areas where moisture is permeating your home. For asbestos, you'll need an expert to assess the danger. If any asbestos becomes airborne, have a specialist remove it immediately.

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#5 Roof Problems

Roof damage is a costly issue when it comes to selling your home. Depending on your local market, if the buyer's inspector finds any damage, the seller is responsible for the necessary repairs. Prevention is key to retaining the value of your home. The expertise of a professional roofer usually helps mediate two parties' concerns over the health of a roof.

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