This Woman Converted Her Closet Into An Indoor Garden

And the results are SO impressive.

You may think you need an outdoor area to have a garden in your home, but repurposing indoor space to bring in some greenery is easier than you think.

Summer Rayne Oakes, the head of marketing at Foodstand, told The Huffington Post that she turned her closet into a garden that has nearly 15 different types of plants, including microgreens, sage, potatoes, tomatoes and a banana tree.

While this may seem unconventional, she said the conversion was pretty simple. All you need are some shelves, an LED grow light, soil or compost and water.

“I have a lot of stuff in there,” Oakes said, laughing. She uses a timer system that waters her plants regularly throughout the day, but turns it off in the evenings.

“Plants are like people. They need sleep too,” she said. Check out the amazing transformation in the video above.

This video was produced by Alex Kushneir and Paul Josephson.

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