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How To Cook An Egg Inside Out And Pull Off The Ultimate Practical Yolk


Today in Things You Never Knew You Needed To Know And Probably Don't Need To Know But Still Kind Of Want To Know news, we learn to boil an egg inside out. That's right, folks! While we're all accustomed to a yellow yolk encircled by gummy whites, this trick will put the egg's thing down, flip it and reverse it ... or something.

You'll need an egg, some clear tape, a pair of pantyhose, a flashlight, some ice cubes and a small wire or twist tie to manifest this egg-straordinary miracle. It seems a bit overwhelming, maybe, but isn't it worth it? Yes.

To begin, hold a flashlight up to your egg and shine it through one end. Observe the color of the egg. Remember the color. Be the color.
yama chaahan

Now, wrap the entire egg in tape -- both length-wise and width-wise -- like so:
yama chaahan

You can leave the top and bottom of the egg without tape; this will be helpful for future steps.

Take the pair of panty hose and tie a tight knot at one end. Insert the taped-up egg and use a wire or twist tie to secure the egg (tightly!) in place.
yama chaahan

Once the egg is tied up snugly, hold both ends of the pantyhose and take the egg for a little spin. Spin and spin and spin and spin again.
yama chaahan

It's flashlight time, part two! Remove the egg from the stocking and shine the light through the egg just as you did before. The egg should appear much darker than before. If it's not, place your egg back into the pantyhose and spin again.
yama chaahan

Once your egg is dark inside (but not in spirit), place it in a pot with water (keep the tape on!) and heat it to an almost-boil. Keep the egg (or eggs) in the pot for about 10 -15 minutes while consistently turning it. Then, turn off the heat and allow the egg to sit in the pot for five minutes.
yama chaahan

Remove the egg and plop it into a bowl of ice. Now you're ready to peel your shell. The tape should effortlessly slide off. Once the shell pieces are fully removed, you'll see a beautiful orb of yellow. Break into it and find your egg whites carefully caressed by the yolk. Good work!
yama chaahan

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