How To Cook Okra That's Not Slimy

The Okra Doctor: 10 Techniques To Prevent The Slime

Okra -- it's one of those vegetables that you either love or hate. There seems to be almost no in between. But really, why do people hate okra? It's probably because of a bad experience with eating or cooking okra. It's the slime! Okra is notorious for producing slime -- the plant and its fruit contain mucilage, which is the same thing you'll find in aloe vera plants. When you apply heat, the slime just comes out more. But there actually are a few techniques for reducing all that sliminess, that is if you're willing to give it a try.

Whether you've had a bad experience with okra and want to give it a second try or are just cooking it for the first time, use one or a combination of the following techniques the next time you're cooking it. You'll see a whole new side to okra. Have you ever tried fried or roast okra? You may just find that you like it.

Soak It In Vinegar

Cooking With Okra

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