What's For Dinner: Crisp Chicken Francese With White Wine Peas

Simple AND gourmet -- you got this.

When most of us are faced with the need to get a weeknight dinner on the table in under 30 minutes, we opt for simple foods like grilled cheese or quesadillas (which are basically the same thing). Those are great meals, but they are not the only choice. In fact, you can whip up what feels like a super gourmet meal in almost the same amount of time with this chicken Francese recipe from Tasting Table.

The recipe, featured in the video above, shows you how to turn chicken cutlets into something special. We think the secret is the white wine peas ― which cook in just a matter of minutes.

Next time you’re contemplating making a grilled cheese for the second time in one week, put down the bread and pop the cork on a bottle of white. Pour yourself a glass, and get cooking. Dinner will be on the table in 30.

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