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How To Crack An Egg Like Audrey Hepburn (VIDEO)

While well adored for her style and grace by many, we quite like Audrey Hepburn for her ability to crack an egg -- with one hand. Hepburn, playing the part of Sabrina in the 1954 film, pulls on our heart strings when she masters how to perfectly crack an egg "one-handedly" while making a souffle for Linus, her love interest.

She learned her egg-cracking skills at a traditional cooking school in Paris, but you can learn your skills from her. "One, two, three, crack. New egg. It's all in the wrist," she says (as she looks lovingly at Linus, who's played by Humphrey Bogart).

If Hepburn's presentation isn't a thorough enough demonstration for you, don't despair, there are other tutorials that teach the one-hand egg crack with a little more explaination. And if you can't seem to master that method, two hands works just as well. But please, whatever you do, don't resort to the EZ Cracker Egg Cracker & Separator.