How To Crack Pistachios

Never break your nails opening these nuts again.

If a completely closed pistachio shell inspires feelings of hatred deep within you, we feel your pain. When a pistachio shell that's nearly cemented shut crosses our path, we're ready to pull out the jackhammer or anvil and go Looney Toons on that little nut. But, as it turns out, nature has a way of providing for us in some dire situations -- and she did not disappoint when it comes to the timid pistachio.

Next time you come across a pistachio that's just barely cracked open, do not break your finger nails trying to get in. Instead, use half of an empty pistachio shell to leverage your way in. Stick the half pistachio shell into the tiny opening on the shut pistachio. With a firm grip, twist the shell either to the right or left -- it doesn't matter -- just like you would a screwdriver. You'll be amazed to see how easily the clamed-up pistachio shell opens right up.

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