How To Create A Compelling Brand Message That Your Audience Will Love

How To Create A Compelling Brand Message That Your Audience Will Love
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If you want to build a profitable company that generates millions in revenue and has thousands of loyal customers, then you have to become a master at branding.

This is no small order.

There is very little room for error when it comes to building your brand.

One wrong move and you can permanently ruin your reputation and your company’s name.

This makes it imperative that you understand how to create a compelling brand message and learn how to maintain that message throughout your company’s lifetime.

So how do you do this?

Well, with a few simple tips and tricks that I will lay out in this article, it is actually a lot easier than you might think

1. Build a positive message

I want you to think back for a minute.

When was the last time that you bought a product from a brand because their sole purpose was to beat their competition and make as much money as possible?

Odds are, if you are anything like me, the answer to that question is, “Never.”

And there is a reason for this.

People like to feel like they are doing good.

They want to purchase products from brands who are trying to do good, give back, and maintain the moral high ground in a world full of unethical business people.

The first step to creating a compelling brand is to share a positive message.

Your focus should always be on improving the lives of other people.

Forget the hyper-competitive, political-campaign-like branding that focuses on destroying your competition.

Instead, focus on being a positive force in the world.

People love to feel like they are improving the world.

If you can create a brand that is likable congruent with your customer’s desire, there is no end to your brand’s potential.

2. Get into your customer’s head

One of the most important parts of business is the ability to put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes.

Assuming that you are not running a company whose target market is “The world” this should actually be a relatively easy task.

Think about who you are trying to sell to.

What do they value?

What sort of brand would they want to buy from?

What is important to them whenever they are making a purchase?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions (which you should) then send out a survey to your email list or social media following.

Once you understand what your ideal customer is looking for, craft a brand message that is congruent with their desire.

It could be anything. It could be quality, honesty, integrity, generosity, luxury, or any number of other things.

It doesn’t matter what your message is as long as it is congruent with the desires of your target market.

3. Stick to one thing at a time

I know a lot of entrepreneurs who try and craft a brand message that focuses on too many things at once.

More often than not, they also focus on things that are mutually exclusive.

Imagine Marlboro promoting their cigarettes with a brand message that combined living dangerously and having the safest cigarette in the world.

It wouldn’t work, would it?

Whenever you are developing your brand message, pick one thing and stick to it for at least 6 months, observing how your audience responds.

If you get positive results, then keep the message. If not, rethink your customer’s desires and tweak your message until you get it right.

But do it slowly and methodically, changing the brand message bit by bit over time.


One of the most important parts of developing your brand message is that you should keep it simple.

Don’t complicate things. Don’t use ambiguous language. Don’t fill your message with industry jargon. Just keep it simple.

For example which of the following brand messages would you be more likely to get behind?

A: “Your movies, anytime, anywhere”


B: “A portable player for all of your DVDs”

I think the answer is pretty obvious.

The first message is simple, to the point, and fairly timeless. The second one is already becoming irrelevant in our increasingly digital market.

Make sure that your message cuts straight to the point and uses the simplest wording possible.

If you can show your brand message to your grandparents and your youngest siblings and they both understand, then you are on the right track.

5. Make sure your brand message is accurate

No matter how clever your brand message is, it will not be successful if it is untrue.

If you are selling a “Grade D but edible” product and claiming it is the best there is, no amount of clever branding will change the fact that your product is garbage.

If you are not, your brand will become synonymous with shady marketing and B.S. claims.

Not something any entrepreneur wants.


Creating a compelling brand message is not an easy task.

But by using the above 5 tips, you will be well on your way to having a message that your audience will love and support.

Your brand message is something that is extremely important and personal, so don’t rush it.

Take some time to really think about the message that you want to convey and how you want to be viewed in the market.

Once you are certain of the direction you want to take, craft your message and build your whole business around it.

What is your brand message? How could you improve it based on the above tips?

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