How to Create a Living Space That Lights You Up

Whether you are looking to create a home base that is conducive to relaxation and ease or you are interested in decorating a home office that sparks imagination and abundance, these tips can help you organize a space that is just right for you.
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Laptop on desk in living room
Laptop on desk in living room

Although we may not be aware of this at all times, the spaces that we live and work in are vital to our well-being and success. When our external environment is out of order or out of alignment with who we truly are, it has a negative effect on our ability to move through our space in a coherent and productive manner. Conversely, when our living environment is clean, clear and reflective of our authentic self, our energy is freed up to dwell in that space with more comfort and creativity. Lydiane Interdonato a NY based interior designer at Stellar Interiors believes that "Interior design far surpasses creating a visually appealing space, it's purpose is to create a harmonic atmosphere that permeates emotional, and physical wellness." Whether you are looking to create a home base that is conducive to relaxation and ease or you are interested in decorating a home office that sparks imagination and abundance, these tips can help you organize a space that is just right for you.

Declutter your physical space

Clutter in our physical environment energetically blocks the flow of abundance and success in all areas of our lives. When our space is overflowing with unwanted and un-needed items, we sacrifice our ability to bring in the things that could actually serve us, today. According to Interdonato, "If our interior setting is chaotic, unorganized or somber feeling it will induce a negative affect on our daily moods which will intern affect our personal state of wellness". Make a decision to go through every cabinet and drawer in your home, your office, and even in your car. Choose to release what no longer serves you by donating it if it is in good condition and trashing it if it is no longer usable. Everyting else must get organized, filed and placed in the most convenient location for easy access when needed. Some questions to help you get started on this shedding process: When is the last time you used this item? Will this item serve your growth or productivity in any way in the future? Visualize what it would feel and look like to have an environment that is bright, simple and free of clutter. Use this vision to re-motivate yourself whenever you feel overwhelmed or anxious about getting to work. Make the process fun by turning on your favorite music or getting your family involved in this transformational project.

Make your space a reflection of you

Creating an inviting space that appeals to all of your senses and preferences is key when considering your immediate environment. Interdonato says that "Design is a visual proclamation of a person's lifestyle, interests, personality attributes, and the essence of their own unique authenticity". Bring in elements that speak to you and get you genuinely excited about dwelling in that space. Consider these questions to help you step into creation mode: How can you create a space that inspires you? What items can you infuse into your space that bring you joy? Play around with elements like music, artwork and color to bring in full on sensory appeal. Now that your setting is free of unnecessary items, you can give your attention to the items that truly move you that you were fully committed to holding on to. The goal is not to spend money on new items but instead about using what you already have in your home that represents you as an individual, and rearranging it in a way that feels aligned with your personality.

Evaluate your success

Now that you have cleared out your environment and made a conscious decision to hold on to special items that will enhance your personal environment, make every effort to spend time in your newly arranged space. Challenge the urge to pack up your laptop and trek out to your nearest coffee shop to actually be productive. Have confidence in the changes that you have made and give your space the opportunity to move you and provide you with the comfort and inspiration you desire. How do you feel in your new setting? Does your new decor represent your authenticity as a person? Does it elicit positivity and peace? Consider if there are any further opportunities to further elevate the experience of your new environment. One of the simplest way to evaluate how successful you have been in your mission to create the space you desire, is to focus on the energy and the feelings that your new surroundings elicit. This is an active and ongoing practice as we are all constantly evolving and transforming. Continue to give your living space the attention it deserves and remind yourself of the important role that your physical scenery plays in lighting you up and moving your forward.

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