How to Create More Success and Abundance in Your Life

Being successful is about creating abundance. And how do you create an abundance? It's about something that you have inside.
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It's not so easy to tell what is success, because it can mean many different things. When I was in my early twenties I thought that success is about money. I thought that if I have a big house, if I have a big car, I will be successful. But then I realized that there are people who have big cars and big houses and they are not successful.

I remember my English teacher, who said that she had a husband in the USA, and they had a nice big house with a swimming pool - but they didn't have time to swim in it. So I had to redefine what is success for me and I realized that this is something that you need to feel inside. Because there are many people who have material success, but they are not happy.

So what about being happy? What do you need to be happy? I was also thinking about those people who meditate in the mountains, and seem to be happy. On the other hand, I wouldn't like to be staying in a cave and meditating in the mountains. So maybe it's not about this. Meditation is great, because it brings you piece of mind but maybe it also takes away from you this human experience of being excited, of being with other people of having a partner or being in love. Things which I still wanted to experience.

I felt that being successful is about creating abundance. And how do you create an abundance? It's about something that you have inside. This is some state of mind which also demands a little bit of effort. Because to create abundance, you need to take actions and follow the right direction. You can't just stay in your room and create abundance. You need to connect with the outside world to create abundance. So a person who is meditating in a cave would create a piece of mind just by himself or herself. But a person who would like to create abundance, still needs this world around to take actions.

What Is Abundance And How To Achieve It?

1. Concentrate on your goals and take actions.

It could be about calling people, about creating a piece of art. Something that you would feel satisfied with. Something that would be your own masterpiece. It doesn't need to be a really, really, really big one. It's something that is coming from you.

2. Abundance can have a different meaning to everyone

For example: if you are a gardener, creating abundance for you would be to plant the seeds in the way that you can see each spring wonderful flowers that are appearing in your garden. If you are a writer, creating abundance would be to see a beautiful book cover and your name on it. And you will see that this is the book that you have written. If you are a banker, creating abundance, would be about having many satisfied clients who came to your bank and who stayed loyal with you.

3. Creating abundance is something that is interconnected between you and the world

Abundance is between taking actions and between your own happiness. So it's something in between material possessions and inner happiness. If you can create a path between what you feel inside and how you manifest this on the outside to work, you will create abundance.

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