How To Create Unique Content and Boost Your Social Media Reach in 24 Hours

How To Create Unique Content and Boost Your Social Media Reach in 24 Hours
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I love meeting entrepreneurs who are successful, savvy and truly satisfied where they are. Lilach Bullock is an entrepreneur, who is enjoying the journey. She travels across the globe speaking; and helping start-ups, small businesses and charities achieve their goals and dreams…and some days, she works in her pajamas. Here’s how she pursues her passion and lives her bliss.

MK: Who is Lilach Bullock?

LB: I am a mother, first and an entrepreneur. I’ve been running businesses for 10 years. I’m a digital marketing consultant and trainer, professional speaker and social media influencer.

MK: What brought you to the career path of becoming a digital marketing consultant and social media expert?

LB: It’s been a long road to get to this point in my career. When I started out, my goal was to create a business that would allow me to spend more time with my newborn daughter, and give her the best life possible. With my first business, “Asklilach”, I discovered the potential in social media for marketing and fell in love with this work; plus, I was very good at it. I got a lot of big brands as clients, and was constantly working, which took me away from my family. I’ve gone full circle and am now working on my own again, which I love.

MK: How did you get to be one of Forbes Top 20 social media influencers?

LB: By doing a lot of tweeting! Seriously, though, I think that my biggest asset has been great content. Even before content marketing became what it is today, it was a huge part of my strategy. I created and shared good content, and engaged as much as possible with my audience, which were huge parts of my becoming a top influencer. I’ve also built relationships with other top influencers and I’ve been a speaker at social media and digital marketing conferences globally.

MK: What are three tips you’d give someone building their social media presence?

LB: 1) Engage as much as possible; that’s how you build a profile and keep it successful. 2) Give people a good reason to want to follow and engage with you, so sharing valuable content is key. 3) It also helps to connect with influencers in your niche who can help you can help you get more followers, more engagement, and help you become more influential.

MK: What are ten tips to creating good content?

LB: 1) Effective writing is a must when it comes to creating content. 2) Create content that is optimized for search engines - compelling content focuses on target keywords. 3) Write headlines that will drive traffic. 4) Have specific goals in mind when you begin writing. 5) Before you begin writing, layout your post - you want to have content that Google loves. 6) Have a clear introduction. 7) Note your keyword density and keyword frequency. 8) Link Your Content. 9) Remember the Value of Sub-headings. 10) Write a strong conclusion. Visit Lilach’s blog for more tips!

MK: You have a very active work life. How do you manage it all?

LB: By being very organized. I also try to never take on more than I can handle. I also have a great support network (both personally and professionally). I would be lost without them!

MK: What advice would you give to women working to start up their business?

LB: My biggest tip for female entrepreneurs would be that you not give up or take things personally – there will be a lot of challenges and moments where you might not be sure it’s all worth the effort; just focus on finding solutions.

MK: What is a day in the life like?

LB: No two days are the same. One day I could be at a conference speaking in front of thousands of people and other days I might be in my pajamas in front of my computer, going through emails.

MK: What are some challenges you have faced?

LB: Some of my biggest challenges were being let down by others. Also, early in my career, I often took on more than I could chew. It took me a while to realize that I don’t need to do everything and that it would be much better to take on only as much as I can handle. There were also some times when I felt a bit defeated. Nothing was working properly, I couldn’t get all of my ideas to fruition and I would become disillusioned. So, I had to work on myself, on becoming stronger mentally, so that I could handle my challenges and overcome them. So, for people starting their own business, work on your mental health and strength, so that you can handle any failures or issues that might come up. The thing is, even the most successful people have failed. You won’t be able to get everything right on the first try and some things you’ll never be able to achieve; you need to have the power to let go of these and get on with bigger and better things.

MK: What’s in the future for you?

LB: I’ve finally found my passion, which is to work with smaller brands, like start-ups, entrepreneurs and charities. I love helping them, because there’s a lot of passion there, so it’s very satisfying to help them achieve their dreams.

MK: How do you “live bliss”?

LB: I have an amazing family and daughter. I am working at my dream job, on my terms, and I enjoy the occasional spa day. There really isn’t more I could ask for!

Make sure to visit Lilach’s website for tips and strategies on how to improve your business.

Until next time, live bliss, pursue your passion and manifest magic! Much love, Bliss Boss, Maimah.

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