How to Create User Engaging Content for Your Brand

Content is all about quality these days, as the days of submitting low quality content to article directories and blogs in order to drive traffic and create links are long gone. For the past couple of years, the focus has been on producing high quality content that provides a benefit to the audience.

Content marketing has generally revolved around written content, but now visual content is proving to be a very effective option, as consumers tend to react better to visual content. This includes videos, infographics, and also images, all of which contribute to a successful content marketing campaign.

An online marketing effort needs content to be effective, as both search marketing and social marketing requires good quality content to be successful. Focusing on quality is important for several reasons:

Build a loyal audience by providing something of value

It is important to create content for the target audience, and when that audience connects with it and sees it as something that provides value, they will then look into what options are available to connect with the particular brand in order to engage with future content. This is how newsletter signups are born, leading to regular visits back to the website.

Get rewarded by the search engines

It is no secret that Google, Bing, and Yahoo are all taking steps to weed out low quality content and rewarding websites that provide high quality content that provides the end user with the information that they are seeking. As their algorithms continue to advance it will further reward websites that emphasize quality, so take charge of the content marketing now and make sure only high quality and useful content is utilized.

Social sharing equals website visits and natural link building

When consumers engage with content that they feel provides a benefit they will naturally share it across their social media platforms. When content is shared it not only introduces it to new consumers that could turn into website visitors and customers, but it also creates natural back links. Focusing on quality has so many benefits that reward the creator in several ways.

The days of using software to crank out content are long gone as well. Content marketing takes time and it takes money, but the results can provide a great return when done correctly. Here are five ways to help you create more successful and engaging content for your business:

1. Write in an easy to understand format

Writing blog posts is entirely different than writing a novel. It takes a different writing style to be effective online, with the goal of engaging the user as they quickly scan through or pass your content. The writer needs to catch the visitor's eye so they slow down for a second and get sucked in to the content. Using short paragraphs that are easy to digest along with lists and bullet points are a great way to write content for the internet.

2. Stay consistent

Content marketing is a great way to build up a following, but the moment the content stops, it can result in a loss of website traffic and interest. Many companies start out hot, publishing a lot of content but they are unable to keep up and the plan fizzles out. It isn't necessarily the amount of content created, as weekly content can be effective as long as it remains content.

3. Publish content in several different forms and through multiple channels

Instead of just cranking out blog posts, include some infographics, videos, and images to give the content marketing some diversity. It not only keeps it fresh and interesting, but it is also a good way to determine what form of content marketing works best for the particular brand. Once that is determined, it can be emphasized in the overall content strategy.

4. Get involved in online communities and other authority outlets

First, guest blogging is not dead and when it is done correctly, as intended, it can be a very effective content marketing option. Interacting with other websites through a guest blog post is a great way to attract a new audience. Even just participating in discussions on other websites can help your content marketing efforts.

5. Get organized

Creating quality content that is both creative and valuable takes time, so make sure to allow time dedicated to the content marketing strategy. This relates back to the point above about staying consistent. If the goal is to upload new website content daily then devote a specific amount of time daily for that task to make sure that it gets done. When there is not a designated or scheduled time for it, then it becomes a matter of trying to find the time. This is how deadlines are missed and the content plan becomes derailed.

Take these suggestions into consideration when laying out your content strategy. Content marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon and will continue to be a very important piece to a business's online marketing.

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