How to Create Viral Content in 2016

When content goes viral, it really goes viral. According to Marketing Profs, 2 Million Blog Posts Are Written Every Day.

Unfortunately, for most consumers, the content is sub par, and doesn't convey a strong message. Fortunately for you, that leaves a major opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

Especially with the same click-bait articles that are constantly written, it's important to learn how to stand out in the crowd. Here are 3 pieces of content you have to publish in 2016.

1. Video

If you ask most consumers, they will tell you that spending time reading articles can be extremely difficult. Especially with how busy our lives are, finding time to sit down and read anything can be exhausting. The best part about video, is it can be consumed on the go.

For example, having an information video can take something that may seem exhausting and make it quite a bit easier to understand, especially if it can be explained.

Wistia is a company that does video marketing for businesses, and is extremely with it. Similarly, there are many businesses that use video as a means to attract consumers such as HubSpot that still have an small-medium size business SaaS model.

2. Long form content

When is the last time that you have read an article that was more than 600 words? On most of the major publications, you will find that the articles that are longer than 600 words aren't considered higher consumed content.

However, according to multiple studies, and A/B testing by many popular blogs such as Tim Ferris, and Neil Patel, they have learned that examples of long form content are most successful at attracting potential readers, and creating viral content that spreads far and wide.

3. How-to guides

Other than generic posts about why certain things are important can often lead readers to be confused about why certain things are the way they are.

In comparison, how-to guides are some of the best kinds of articles because they describe exactly, step by step, how to tackle problems, in every area of life.

For example, this is how I set up a recent article regarding "How I grew my twitter following from 0-45k in one year. The reason this post was one of my most succaessful posts was because I thought people exactly what to do to achieve the same results I did.

Similarly, when people actually read it, they can immediately implement it as soon as possible.

The key to effective how-to-guides are being extremely clear and succinct on the steps you used to achieve a certain success.


Viral content comes with diligence, and focus. Focusing on conveying exactly what people are looking for, and being extremely valuable, no matter what the medium is is a make or break for viral content.

What will you do to create viral content?