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How to Cut Cherry Tomatoes in HALF the Time

This next ingenious life hack will have you scouring your cookbooks for marinara sauces.
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By Caitlin Harrington, writer at

There's nothing tastier than a home-cooked meal. When you put a little time and effort into the food you're making, it just seems to taste that much better. Whether you're cooking for yourself or an entire dinner party, you can find recipes that use fresh ingredients that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

The only issue with cooking everything yourself is that it can be somewhat time consuming. By the time you have prepared everything for your appetizers, entrees, and side dishes, you might be too tired to eat sit down and enjoy the meal yourself.

Luckily, you can find food hacks for just about anything you want, cutting prep and cook time in half and making things a whole lot easier on yourself.

If you need fresh fruit juice for your recipe, there is a hack that will double the amount of juice you get per fruit. And if your recipe calls for some tropical, but usually hard-to-peel fruit, there's a hack for that, too!

This next genius life hack will have you scouring your cookbooks for marinara sauces, bruschetta, pizzas, and anything else you can put tomatoes in, because it takes out all the work of individually slicing them and allows you cut them all in half at the same time with one simple step!

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