Mathematicians Say This Is The Best Way To Slice Pizza, But REALLY?!

Have we been eating pizza all wrong?

Thanks to hard working mathematicians at Liverpool University, there is now a more exciting way to cut (and eat) pizza. Say goodbye to standard, triangular servings and hello to curved, exotic pizza slices that look like this:

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That right there is one of the most interesting mathematical ways to cut a pizza pie into 20 slices. Sure, they might not be equal in value since not each slice comes with crust, but at least they're equal in size AND they're exotic. Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley of the University of Liverpool arrived at this method by working off of the monohedral disc tiling formula. And they didn't stop at 20 slices, either. They found you can take that formula to cut your pie into even more slices, like this:

Joel Haddley/Stephen Worsley

Or that you could get creative with it, like this:

Joel Haddley/Stephen Worsley

Yes, those are little notches cut into those slices. And yes, they're there just for fun. This might not make a whole lot of sense to everyone -- though you can get the research over here if you want more information. If you're up for testing these new pizza cutting methods, it provides at the very least a few more great reasons to eat pizza. For us, that's good enough.

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