10 Best Fruit Cutting Hacks Because Life Is Hard

Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

We owe a lot to many of our ancestors, but whoever discovered how to cut a watermelon and bag it in thirty seconds was a real pioneer.

We don't know why the best-tasting, most nutritious fruits have to be the hardest to get into, but we no longer have the right to complain. Here before you are visual aids showing how to cut, slice, peel or otherwise dive into some of the best fruits you're probably eating wrong.

As Gandhi said, "It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important."

In this case, it's both.


The traditional method of cutting a mango -- slice around the pit and turn inside-out -- is a sticky mess that you have to eat over the sink. But the glass method, shown here by Lifehacker, takes the pain away.


Lifehacks4you makes opening an orange a cinch: Cut the top and bottom and slice down the middle.


Of all of Dave Hax's hacks, this is our favorite: cut the pineapple into quarters, slice along the fruit, and slice again across the quarters. Fan it out and you're done.


Grant Thompson demonstrates an overlooked cutting utensil when it comes to kiwis: It's all about the spoon.


Four cuts is all it takes in Thompson's apple hack -- bonus points if you use a rubber band to keep it all together for easy lunch-bagging.


YourProduceGuy shows that it doesn't take more than a few slices of the knife to cube and serve an entire watermelon.

Cherry Tomato

Use Hax's cherry tomato trick -- putting it between two plates and slicing a knife through them all with one cut -- will have your tomatoes ready for the salad in seconds.


The American Chemical Society demonstrates that if you peel the skin off the avocado (rather than scooping it out), you keep all the healthy stuff.


Botanically, coconuts are fibrous one-seeded drupes, but the Library of Congress graciously saves them from that embarrassing name and says they can either be a fruit, nut or seed.

Getting into one can be tricky if you're stranded on an island, but not if you have a screwdriver, hammer and microwave.


Lastly, the ever-nutritious and frustrating-to-open pomegranate: The seeds practically jump out when you work out your aggressions on them with a wooden spoon. Win, win.

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