Once And For All, The Best Way To Cut A Mango

We know you love them, but do you know how to handle them?

Mangoes are one of our favorite tropical fruits, and lucky for us they're readily available at the supermarket all year long. However, while we love them dearly, they're a little hard to handle. Their tough, pumice-like core is tricky to navigate because it's concealed deep within the fruit and is bigger than you might think. Mangoes are also super slippery after they've been peeled, making them difficult to handle (and maybe a little dangerous if you're wielding a knife).

The good news is, you just need to know a few simple tricks to get the job done.

After you've picked the ripest mango (one that gives a little bit when pressed near the stem end) and you're ready to eat it, it's time to get down to business.

The video above will show you everything you need to know about cutting open a mango.

Before cutting into the fruit, you need to locate the large, flat pit so that you can cut along either side of it. Next, as shown in the video, you have two options: One is to peel the mango first and then slice it, and the other is slicing first and then removing the skin. If you choose option one, once you've removed the mango flesh, you can slice or dice it up. If you chose option two where the skin is still attached, you can score cubes into the flesh and turn it inside out.

And here's little background on the mango you're learning to cut: The predominant mango variety is one you'll easily recognize -- the Tommy Atkins mango has green and orange skin with a red-to-purple blush. Other varieties include the Alphonso (similar size to the Tommy but it's all pale orange) and the Champagne (tear drop shape with a mustard yellow color). And that's just the beginning. There are thousands more mango varieties throughout the world, but we only see and eat a fraction of them in the U.S.

Watch this video and use your newfound knowledge to make the awesome mango recipes below.

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