7 Fashion Tips For The Menopausal Woman

Lesson learned this week: Don't sit near a restaurant's wood-burning pizza oven if you are a woman of a certain age unless you have frostbite. I was having dinner with my good friend S. when we noticed the temperature rising. Luckily, we had both dressed in layers and started shedding them one at a time.

Before you could say, "Strip Poker," I was down to a sleeveless blouse and S. was down to her camisole, a sexy cotton number edged in white lace. "Is it alright to be seen like this in public?" she asked. I nodded enthusiastically. S. is fit from gym sessions and a regular tennis game, and she looked terrific.

But she is also a veteran of the hot flash, and she had come prepared - she was wearing a white bra under her white camisole, and her outfit looked chic and intentional, not like she was trying to douse the flames on an internal thermometer gone awry.

Do you leave the house dressed for multiple climate zones?

Here are MiddleSexy's Top 7 Tips for dressing to thwart the hot flash. (For more tips on dealing with hot flashes, read MiddleSexy's guide to chilling them out.)

1. Always wear layers.

2. Make sure all the layers can be seen in public - for example, throw away all your white tee shirts with pit stains.

3. At least one layer should be sleeveless or have short sleeves.

4. Choose fabrics that don't make you sweat. (For me, this means avoiding silk).

5. Wear colors or patterns that don't show sweat. (This is also good advice if you are on a first date, a job interview or in another situation likely to make your nervous.)

6. Try to find lightweight garments that can be easily folded and stored in your bag.

7. Select garments that make you feel attractive.

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