How to deal with hot flushes in Menopause

It's no secret I'm in the Menopause, I've been openly sharing my journey with you since it began. In fact Menopause is an entire category here on the Blog so if you miss anything it's easily found in the main menu. You can catch up on my story so far if you like. My goal is to compile as much information on the subject as possible for anyone who needs reference material. Since the symptoms are often overlooked, misdiagnosed or simply accepted as part of life I want to offer you what I never had...Information.

When my symptoms started in Perimenopause I was completely clueless & struggling alone to figure out what was wrong with me. At times I was very frightened indeed & in hindsight I realize that was because I was blindsided. You may wonder, how could I not know what was happening to me? Well that's simple, nobody was publically talking about Menopause. Whether we're embarrassed, ashamed or perhaps just confused by what's occurring, it's the silence doing most harm. Let me tell you there are answers out there once you start talking to other women. Merely by reading the amazing comments on my Menoposts you'll learn a lot. The vast range of side effects & varying degrees in which they present is daunting to say the least. Therefore every story is valuable & could ultimately be that single life-saving piece of information to help somebody out of a black hole. For instance one of my lovely readers left advice of her personal experience with tinnitus that directly helped me with one of my relentless symptoms.

In any case I now have my specific symptoms under control with HRT at least for the time being. However that doesn't mean I've left the conversation, there's still work to be done. My aim remains the same, to lift the topic of Perimenopause & Menopause out of the shadows. Putting this life altering subject on the table to move forward with what we learn from each other.


Which brings me to my latest discovery. Technology specifically designed to help the most common of Menopausal symptoms, HOT FLUSHES. If you've experienced this phenomenon you know how debilitating it can be. I suffered from hot flushes before I got my HRT dose right & boy do I remember the feeling well, it aint fun. Even now I have the occasional mini flush, albeit much less severe. It'll come on when I'm wearing a jumper or drinking alcohol or doing both at the same time, a common theme around Christmas no? But what of those women who don't want to take hormones or can't for medical reasons? How can they deal with severe & regular hot flushes? Should they tolerate the embarrassment of turning red-hot in the face & becoming absolutely drenched with sweat? Well not necessarily....

There's a new brand on the block designed specifically for women in Menopause. With the help of science BECOME has developed a material to control the extreme temperature fluctuations you get with hot flushes. Therefore when one hits like a tonne of bricks the fabric works to cool you down whilst simultaneously wicking away moisture. The heat is trapped externally so that when your body begins the rapid cool down it transfers the heat back to prevent you getting the chills. Furthermore there's no need to worry about the whiffy sweat smell due to the anti-microbial technology that fights bacteria. Hoorah relief at last!


I'm thrilled with my trial of the black set & adore both the cut & fit of each piece particularly the knickers which did not ride up my bum at all! I absolutely hate when that happens don't you? The vest top has put wearing a poloneck back on my style agenda. I tried this combination, with a hangover I might add, & remained as fresh as a daisy the entire day! Pretty impressive even without hot flushes right? However I've not finished road testing just yet. I'd like a volunteer who suffers from excessive hot flushes to try the set out for us. If anyone's up for the gig let me know in the comments below. I will then send out both the tank & pants to one randomly chosen volunteer in their colour of choice. After wearing them I would like to ask this reader a couple of questions about what they think of the technology & design. The following week I'll publish this feedback in a short follow-up post for everyone to read. Additionally, if you'd like to make a purchase from BECOME be sure you're subscribed here so I can personally email you an exclusive discount code. I've actually already bought another three pairs of the pants myself, one black & two biscuit, they're so fab!

STYLE NOTES - The crew neck makes styling this tank quite simple as it sits beautifully under a blazer or shirt. Equally the high cut underarm is well suited as outerwear for warmer months. Which basically means you could wear it with anything you'd usually pair with a tank top. Thus far BECOME offer the tank & pants however there will be more styles in the near future. Watch this space..

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