How To Decorate Cupcakes Like A Master Baker

The first step to becoming a cupcake-decorating expert is to buy pastry tips. There are a lot of tips out there -- big ones, small ones, spiky ones -- and they are the reason beautiful cupcakes are possible.

Once that's done, all you have to do is learn to use them -- which admittedly, can be somewhat intimidating. There are so many tips, and each one holds the possibility of creating a few unique designs. But what does what? Our friend Tessa at Handle the Heat has put together a video that'll show you which tip can make which decorations with frosting. It's exactly what we've all been waiting for. Cupcake mastery can now be yours.

We pulled out some highlights below, because it's an amazing sight -- but watch the video above for the full demonstration.

With the Ateco 804 tip, you can make this lovely cupcake design:

Using the Wilton 1M tip, this beautiful rose cupcake design is a breeze:

And with the Ateco 863 tip, you can make these three delightful cupcakes:


Playful dots

Big Puff

Doesn't that look like good, clean, easy fun? Go ahead, bake a dozen cupcakes and decorate them like the pro you know you are.

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