How To Decorate A Room Without Putting Everything In Front Of The TV


We're creatures of habit, and there are few times this has proven truer than when trying to incorporate a TV into our decor. It almost always takes center stage. But just because the majority of people choose to make the boob tube the focal point of a room -- 52 percent of homeowners admitted to Houzz that they have televisions in their bedroom-- doesn't mean you have to go with the crowd.

Next time you go to set up a room (or spontaneously feel the urge to move around some furniture), try taking a TV-free approach instead. Not sure how to do that? These focal point alternatives are here to help. And, as an added bonus, they're pretty much guaranteed to be loads better than some terrible reality show blasting in the background.

An antique mirror that will also reflect light into the room and make it appear larger.

antique mirror

A piece of large-scale art that will spark more discussion than any on-air drama.

large scale art

A statement couch that starkly contrasts the rest of the room, while giving it the pop of personality it's been waiting for.

statement couch

A modern bookshelf that holds eye-catching accents.

modern bookshelf

A sleek fireplace that brings practicality and design together flawlessly.

sleek fireplace

A room divider that holds your attention from either side.

double sided display

A stunning view that gives a space all the natural light it could ask for.

stunning view

A cozy window seat that functions as both an anchor for the rest of the space and the perfect spot to curl up with a good book.

cozy window seat

A simple desk that adds a charming and creative vibe in no time at all.

stylish desk

A styled sideboard that serves as a more interesting alternative to a clunky entertainment unit.

styled side board

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