Decorate Your Home With Halloween Vibes Year-Round With This Decor

This isn't a trick, just a treat — we found Halloween decor that you don't have to store away after Oct. 31.

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You can leave these Halloween-inspired wreaths, doormats and other decor out all year round.
You can leave these Halloween-inspired wreaths, doormats and other decor out all year round.

It’s officially October — the month of treats, tricks, ghosts and ghouls. You might finally be ready to light the match on that pumpkin-scented candle you bought.

Admittedly, this Halloween is going to be a little different than the ones we’re used to, since trick-or-treating could be canceled and crowded parties won’t be safe.

Still, you might be looking to stay spooky, even if it’s from a distance. That could mean going all out on Halloween decor more than you have in years past. Maybe you’re dusting off faux cauldrons, stringing fake cobwebs from the ceiling or carving a pumpkin or two.

But for some of us, the Halloween spirit doesn’t just go away once Oct. 31 is over. Spooky season never has to end if you don’t want it to, and you can decorate your home with Halloween vibes year-round.

That’s why we went ahead and found Halloween decor all over the internet that you don’t actually have to put away after the holiday. You can feel the fall year-round with these frightful finds, including a doormat for all your boos, a serving tray that’s pretty spirited and a wall hanging that’ll catch the light.

Check out these tasteful Halloween decorations you’d want to leave up all year long:

A doormat for all your boos
West Elm
To let the ghosts, ghouls and guests know that they are all welcome. Find it for $20 at West Elm.
A "curiosity cloche" filled with fall flowers
You won't even have to water them. Find it starting for $36 at Anthropologie.
An incense holder that has a spooky side
Crate & Barrel
It just might send a shiver down your spine. Find it for $20 at Crate & Barrel.
A candlestick set to see all the things that go bump in the night
Urban Outfitters
No, your mind isn't playing tricks on you — this candle is dripping in different colors. Find the set for $4 at Urban Outfitters.
A freaky garland
MaterialGods / Etsy
A skull pillow that your skull can lay on
Natalie Huff Graphics / Society6
You won't have a bone to pick with this cute cushion. Find it for $24 at Society6.
A handbook that might come in handy
It's actually a notebook. Just don't say "Beetlejuice" three times, please. Find it for $8 at Amazon.
A wreath that you won't want to pluck away
It's a feather above the rest. Find it for $20 at Target.
A tablecloth that comes in a "spice" shade
Bed Bath & Beyond
Feel the fall all year long. Find it for $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond.
A poster that'll have cat lovers over the moon
Digital Effects / Society6
A plate that's going through a phase
Urban Outfitters
You can pull these out whenever there's a full moon. Find it for $12 at Urban Outfitters.
A wreath that's ready for a harvest
West Elm
You won't want to leaf this one behind. Find it for $72 at West Elm.
A set of succulents that don't suck
You'll want to watch out for the vampires that do suck, though. Find the set for $16 at Amazon.
A crystal ball that's crystal clear
Luckily, this snail isn't slimey. Find it for $32 at Anthropologie.
A bamboo beaded curtain that's bohemian, too
Urban Outfitters
A glass jar to store away all your candy corn or cotton balls
This is one pumpkin that won't spoil. Find it for $8 at Target.
A banner with candy corn colors
JuJuBeeGoods / Etsy
You just might fall for this one. Find it starting at $12 on Etsy.
A wall hook with a "lunar touch"
Urban Outfitters
This one is for those who will stay hooked on Halloween no matter what month it is. Find it for $49 at Urban Outfitters.
A pumpkin pot for all your witches brew
Le Creuset
It's even freezer-safe. Find it for $30 at Le Creuset.
A print that only has eyes for you
Corinne Elyse / Society6
A cute (and slightly creepy) candelabra
Urban Outfitters
It has vintage Victorian vibes. Find it for $59 at Urban Outfitters.
A serving tray that's pretty spirited
World Market
Just be careful when trying to contact all the spirits. Find it for $8 at World Market.
A candy bowl for whenever you want to watch a scary movie
World Market
Just try not to jump at those scary scenes and spill your treats. Find it for $20 at World Market.
A set of celestial coasters
Visionary Sea / Society6
So you don't spill any portion of that potion on the coffee table. Find them for $15 at Society6.
A wall hanging that'll catch the light
Urban Outfitters
Now, you can have moonlight even when the sun is out. Find it for $14 at Urban Outfitters.
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