How to Decorate Your Home for July 4th in Hamptons Style

Despite the U.S. loss in the World Cup, I am still thinking red, white and blue as summer is in full swing, and 4th of July is approaching.
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Despite the U.S. loss in the World Cup, I am still thinking red, white and blue as summer is in full swing, and 4th of July is approaching. But oh how does one do red white and blue without looking tacky? I turned to my friend Natasha Esch's expertise for home decor advice on how to represent the US of A while still looking tasteful.

Her fashion, interior design, and extensive international travel serve as a solid foundation for her role as founder and curator of Sag Harbor's exclusive home decor boutique, MONC XIII. With a distinct eye for color, texture and style, she has carefully selected pieces that embody a balance of beauty, function, and quality. Her vision has transformed MONC XIII into a Hamptons shopping destination par excellence, and her boutique is rapidly becoming a reference in the Interior design world outside of the East end.

Courtesy of MONC XIII

•What are your top 5 tips for summer home décor?
"I love summer outdoor entertaining and to stick to a theme. Red White and Blue accents are perfect, they can be used separately or together - blue or white are summery on their own, and chic, crisp boating theme that can work in Sag Harbor or Greece, and a table cloth, napkins, pillows, candles are the perfect way to update your home to summer. Each party or dinner you throw can be customized depending on your food or your mood, and of course on July 4th use the entire palette and fresh cut flowers as a perfect quick accent."

•What to you recommend we avoid for summer home décor?
"Fabric that is not natural and does not breathe, browns and khaki accents, and always avoid any food that is not in season (a turkey dinner in July? I don't think so!). Wherever your home is a rental, in the country or at the beach, look for elements from the natural surroundings (bowls of shells, paper lantern in Thailand, etc)."

•How do you "July 4th" your house? What are some appropriate decorations for house and garden to celebrate our Independence day?
"Red accents is how I decorate my house for our national holiday. I also like light beige and soft hues of white, which makes everything quickly (and chic-ly) ready for July 4th. Also, I love a red-centric menu (tomatoes, red peppers, etc), and my tulip water glasses from LOBMYER."

Courtesy of MONC XIII

•What elements of "Hamptons style" do you think should live everywhere stateside, year-round?
"For me, "Hamptons" means effortless chic, not only during the summer, but year-round - chic, relaxed and amazing quality of life. Home décor is so important to me because I spend much time home entertaining year round. I love a neutral palette than can be built, and great find after great find, all year long. Decorating is a marathon, not a sprint. I love homes that are layered. That is the way I buy for MONC XIII - you stop by choose one pillow, come back pick up a chair, and then come back for more. It is cohesive but not so that your home looks "made up" head to toe look. Our motto is: Mix and match to your taste."

Courtesy of MONC XIII

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