How to De-rail the Donald Trump Train

I've lived in the U.S. for a little over 6 years now and I guess I've pretty much experienced an awful lot in terms of culture. So when I think to myself 'I've seen and heard it all', I was sure I had BUT, I didn't or hadn't until today. Did I hear right? Did I hear Donald Trump advocate violence or rioting?? Wait, let me ask that again?? Did Donald Trump actually say in a radio interview 'people might riot??' Why Mr Trump are you inciting, ONCE AGAIN?? You have a terrible habit of stirring up trouble. Is it any wonder that your rallies are marred by violence, hatred, bigotry and such negativity if you come out and make comments like that. I have never heard a politician or would be politician let alone someone running for the Presidency, make such crass comments. I'm flabbergasted!! You really need to be stopped because if you're elected then this country has just moved another step closer to revolution. That'll probably come in the form of rioting, more deaths through guns, more ethnic minorities being persecuted...etc. So, if there's anyone from the GOP reading this or any Republican with the slightest shred of decency and common sense then here's how I would STOP the Donald!!

First, stop you're infighting and create a sense of unity among your party. Second, once you've done that then, embrace the people and that includes moderate Republicans as well as uber conservative ones. Third, you have to start listening to what people want and stop taking the O in GOP literally otherwise you'll see yourself extinct as a political dinosaur and Donald will go on to do what the Tea Party failed to do and that is, take Republican voters away from you. Fourth, you have to create real, tangible, modern and workable policies that meet the needs and demands of today's voters. Fifth, you have to come up with a candidate that is appealing, strong, conservative, likeable, NOT as radical and is acceptable to both factions of the party. If you don't do that then be prepared to spend the rest of the next 4 years in the political wilderness. What am I talking about??

The GOP remind me of the Conservative party after Tony Blair (Leader of the Labour Party) came in to power back in 1997. After that, the Conservatives had totally lost their way. They struggled to find their political footing and became outdated and irrelevant. The people wanted change and they wanted something different but the Conservative party was more 'if I want your opinion then, I'll give it to you'. Well, they lost the elections time and time again. While they were stuck in their old ways the Labour Party under Tony Blair went on to win successive elections and all the Conservatives could do was to 'watch' by the side-lines. They struggled to reinvent themselves and found it hard to read what the people wanted. They refused to change and were punished by not being in power. By the way, mid-term elections mean bugger all if you can't win the most important election and the most important seat in government, The Presidency. The GOP should do what Mrs Thatcher did back in 1979 and that is pick up the goal posts and move them. In other words, change the political spectrum. You don't have to be so polarised as being left wing or right wing, Republican or Democrat. Quite frankly, you've all been so busy fighting amongst yourselves in the GOP that, Donald has walked right past you and is probably about to take the nomination away from you. It'll be out of your hands because the people are making themselves heard.

I've never really liked any of the Republican candidates anyway and here's why. Marco Rubio is a career politician. To me he's always only been about himself. He's always wanted to be President from the first time I heard him speak in the media. Plus, he's just simply NOT presidential in his stance. Ted Cruz is too weak and simply not a likeable character. He's such an 'establishment' figure. Nice guys don't get to the White House, they just don't. The reason why Trump resonates with the people is because he speaks their language. He's plain talking. He means what he says and says what he means. His comments may be dumb but they're off the cuff and you can see it's heartfelt. When the others open their mouth you can tell it's so orchestrated. Look, what do Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher and other successful political leaders have in common?? They're great orators!! They communicate so well that their message gets through. They don't come across as politicians classically dodging or fudging the question. Politicians are far too busy trying to please their own party and make sure there's no 'Brutus' like character waiting in the wings that, they simply loose the plot. Donald doesn't have to do that. He's only focused on pleasing the people because it's they who matter. Also, these successful politicians are and were very direct. Plus, Donald is a hard hitter and shoots from the hip. When he says he's going to hit a home run for America Plc, you know he will and he would succeed in getting what he wanted. If either Ted or Marco said the same thing, you know they would be politicians first and Presidential second. Also, Donald doesn't want to be President. He wants to help the people. We all know that at the end of the day Donald is only doing this for himself but, try telling the people that. Millions have believed him.

Your guys have a real image problem. By that I mean Rubio and Cruz. They just don't seem to be credible. The only way you're going to STOP the Donald is, to put forward an alternative yet powerful candidate. My vote would be for the former Secretary of State and highly decorated and respected military figure, General Colin Powell. You need someone like him otherwise you're just going to watch as Donald takes the nomination and you're still preaching the same old mantra to the same old people (literally) over, and over, and over, and over again.

Dear GOP, when you think you have the answer, do let the American people know, won't you!!