How To DIY A Screened-In Patio For Only $500 (PHOTOS)

A Reddit user shared this amazing DIY.

One of the biggest payoffs of tackling a home improvement project yourself is seeing all the cash you save. Take this DIY project by Reddit user TyFighter22 for example. TyFighter22 shows us how to diy a screened-in patio for only $500, which (depending on where you live) could cost a couple of thousand dollars to have done professionally. Which we think makes investing some of your own time seem like a pretty worthwhile investment.

To start, this user attached the bottom panels to the concrete patio and nailed the top panels to the already existing frame. After installing studs along the support beams, he then stapled the screens to the studs and covered the staples with trim. To make it look more appealing, he installed siding on the outside, bead board in the interior and some more trim for a little extra flair. We know it sounds like a lot, but it is actually doable!

Check out the slideshow below to see some before and after photos of TyFighter22's new patio. And let us know if you've made an attempt at a similar type of project!

Reddit Screened In Patio

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