The $14 Amazon Find That Turns Any Tiny Bag Into A Commuter Bag

With this accessory, even your smallest bag can be a work bag.

I love my backpack. It holds my computer, umbrella and all the little extra things that come in handy during my commute to and from work. That said, with summer around the corner, I’m ready to start breaking out all of my fun little statement bags. But there’s just one small (pun intended) issue.

While a woven round rattan bag is cute, it can’t exactly carry the hand creams, weatherproof boots, and gadgets I like to hoard in my backpack. Though I can ditch a few of these non-essentials during the warmer months, I’d still like the option to take my computer home when I need to.

What’s a person to do when tiny bags are trending but you’ve got too much stuff? Enter these foldable tote bags from Amazon, which were the unexpected answer to my impractical fashion needs.


These BeeGreen reusable grocery bags fold into an attached tiny pouch that’s small enough to fit in your pocket (or impossibly tiny purse). They’re made out of 100% polyester so they won’t rip easily. They hold up to 50 pounds of stuff — but can still fold flat into a 5-inch pouch. They have a 5-star rating, more than 2,000 reviews and a set of five is only $14 (that’s less than $3 a bag).

Now, I just toss the tiny folded bag into whatever wicker basket, cute clutch or bucket bag I’m inspired to use that day, and if I decide to bring my computer home at the end of the workday, I just unfold the tote bag and toss it in. They’re also great for impromptu purchases on the way home if you’re trying to be more sustainable and avoid plastic bags.

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