How To Eat As A 50-Something Woman

How To Eat As A 50-Something Woman

How does a smart, engaged, healthy, 50-something woman eat? After spending a couple of days up in the White Mountains with four women whom I love (but are not related to me) I haven’t a clue. We are as nuts about food today, in our 50s, as we were in our 20s, our 30s, or our 40s. Actually, probably a little more so.

Who can blame us? The information out there is confusing. We have aches and pains that we would love to attribute solely to what we are eating, and not the joint which is now bone on bone. If we just eat completely healthy- “clean” – we will be fine. But what’s a girl to do when she loves peanut M & Ms? Get rid of white sugar and white flour “cold turkey”?

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