How to Eliminate Fear of Success (for Good)

We don't want to succeed because we're scared.

Scared to fail.

Scared to try.

Scared of rejection.

We're scared to put ourselves out there.

We're scared to be judged.

Sometimes we don't take the leap because we're afraid of the unknown. The thought, "What if?" makes us shrink.

But, when we allow our feet to get stuck in cement, we rob ourselves of, "What could be?"

We squash chance, risk, and even opportunity. By letting fear take the wheel, we miss the exit of success. This journey often includes a bumpy road of frustration, failed starts, and a few flat tires. But, it also includes sunshine.

It was a crisp, sunny day in fall of 2012, as I drove to the auditorium I looked in the rear view mirror. I looked like the picture of confidence. New suit, fresh blow out, I even bought a new pair of shoes for my keynote speech but beneath my sunglasses, I was feeling anything but confident. I felt nervous -- worried about rejection.

I've talked to many groups of people about finding motivation and making change in their lives but this time I was frozen in fear. It was my first time as a keynote speaker, my first time in front of a sold out audience, my first time feeling like if I failed, it would be big.

As I pulled into my parking spot, I thought -- "perhaps I will just call and say I got a flat, maybe I can say I'm sick." But I knew that this moment I had to prove to myself that I could do it.

I realized that I had the capability to move beyond my fear.I was able to let go of holding my breath to take the stage. In that moment, I embraced my vulnerability and felt broken wide open. On stage, I shared my truth, my purpose, and my authenticity. From the standing ovation I received, I believe the audience felt the same.

The road to success albeit rocky, allows us to appreciate the sweetness of progress and the gift of trial and error.

We are afraid to succeed because we fear the road less traveled. The reality is, we are all capable of great things, amazing things -- truly capturing our genius.

Don't lose hope.

After I convinced myself to open the car door, I knew that the fear I was feeling wasn't real. I was afraid of all the things that 'could' go wrong rather than embracing the possibility of success.

Take Action: Want to step into your bright light of success? The first step is opening up to vulnerability.

Success means putting yourself out there and embracing the possibility of just trying.

Often, we don't want to feel susceptible, weak, or powerless. Instead, we want to feel all knowing and capable. We want to have all the answers. But, if you're going somewhere you've never been, how can you possibly know what to expect? Fear can keep us paralyzed from truly connecting with our purpose, keeping us from the joys of vulnerability.

When we are vulnerable -- we are real. Being authentic is the most important gift we can give ourselves. Confronting our fear will push us on the path to success. It will help us to be in better service as a person in this world by being open, vulnerable, and human.

You can do it, you can move through fear to become your best self.

Whatever it is you're working on in your life -- whether a challenging job, task, project, person, or event. You can live the life you've always imagined -- you can and will succeed.

Stumbling through fear is better than freaking out.

When your heart beats faster and your palms get clammy, remember, fear is your compass. It's calling you to rise above small thinking and play bigger. See it. Feel it. Acknowledge it. Release it. Then, walk straight through it in your red high heels.

If you never step on stage, you'll miss your standing OMG-I-did-it!

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