How to Embrace Your Own Talent

You're bright. You want to contribute to the world. You know you're talented. Deep down you believe that someone should hook you up with 'that' job. You know, the one where your skills shine? And whether you're working part-time or fully locked into a humdrum job, your talent sits idle on sidelines. "I'm not going to work for nothing," You say, "I have a gift, and I know exactly how I want to use it." But you know that will never happen, not without a $$$ check.

Have you ever wondered the secret is?

When you hear a great singer, and they move you, it's because they're present in themselves and the moment. You'll hear them say later that the audience disappeared for them. Writers will say they got lost in words. There are many examples of what a person feels when they work with their gift.

It's not enough to believe in yourself if you can't identify the one thing you were born to do. It follows that person who loves what they do also love a unique, valuable part of themselves. And surround themselves with others who give them positive reinforcement.

Lady Gaga is the epitome of someone who owns her talent. She has never been shy to share her songs, her words, and their meaning with her fans. But to the media she was baffling; they labeled her a sleaze. Excessively ambitious, Gaga faced criticism early on in her career, and like all innovators she embraced the risks. Instead of giving up, she tried even harder.
We've heard it all: "Don't do that. People won't like you," Or, "Don't do this, you'll fail... You'll never make any money at it. You're not good enough."

Delete, delete, delete. Erase those thoughts from your psyche.

This kind of negativity prevents you from exploring your gift. The minute anybody attempts to undermine you, don't doubt your core for a second! Remember: Nobody has any idea what your talents are except you. Don't let your talent go unseen just because somebody told you that you're incompetent. You have to realize that your talent doesn't always fit into the social norm.

Take a moment and think about how others' beliefs influence you. Reflect on the programming that you received as a child. How many times were you asked to sacrifice something you deeply wanted? Do you remember how that felt? Perhaps the waters of loss have washed over you, and you still yearn for what could have been.

If you're one of those folk, look around you. Take a good hard look at the people who share your life. Do you have anyone that believes in you and your talents? It's vital to find belonging. And having someone believe in you is priceless.

But let's be honest, people are going to think what they like about you. Start to ignore what other people think. It's just their opinion. It's time to form your own.

Focus on that one attribute in your possession which is not up for grabs, and that nobody can undermine. Start with a baby step: maybe you cook or style hair, or you're a genius at interior design. Whatever it is, own it. Talk about it, and stop hiding behind the veil. Take action towards it.

Quick Insight: How to Form Your Opinions
  1. Think about a talent that you know you have.
  2. Write out your ideas, thoughts, and opinions about it.
  3. Notice how you feel, and what emotions surface from this activity.

The fastest way to turn your gift into something remarkable is to inject emotion into it. Share how you feel about your talent with your most trusted friend. A good friend will always support you.

A moment of understanding like that can change your entire future and your whole reality. The smallest step can lead to a journey of a thousand smiles.

There is no real secret. If you want your gift to stand out, do it!

"Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best." -- Henry Van Dyke

* * * *

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