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How To Emotionally Recover From The Election

This election season has been extremely charged and emotionally taxing across the board. With the end in sight, I am seeing many people expressing their emotional overwhelm and subsequently checking out.

Especially for those who are empathic, this entire process has been an energetically draining experience. For those who tend to avoid arguments or conflict, it’s been an absolute nightmare of anger and aggressive fear-based consciousness being expressed constantly.

Overall, it has opened and activated deep emotional wounds both personally and collectively. We are seeing and feeling everybody’s pain rising to the surface and exploding all over the place; it’s a lot to process and digest.

And while soon there will no longer be a question of who is going to be our next president, whichever way it goes, many will be left unhappy, disappointed, and feeling defeated with the outcome.

Yet regardless of all this, life will go on.

So how do we move forward, pick up the pieces, and repair the emotional damage that’s been done during this crazy election season?

How do we recover from the emotional upheaval this election has stirred in us both personally and in the collective as a whole?

How do we find peace within ourselves whatever the outcome may be?

1. See things from a different perspective.

Shifting the perspective through which we are viewing something and expanding the way we are looking at it, creates distance between us and the “issue”, allowing us more freedom and more possibilities within our experience.

In order to move forward, we must first examine what has occurred.

While it’s easy to judge or point the finger of blame externally here, it’s time to stop taking this election so personally, to pull back the frame we are viewing it through, and to explore what this election has held space for, on a larger collective scale.

I see this all as a part of the collective awakening of consciousness that is happening on the entire planet.

This election has brought out the shadows in everyone, illuminating our stuck points, and shining light on what needs our attention. There is only so long that we can personally and collectively ignore and stuff down our problems, before they violently erupt. This expression is clearly showing us what is not working, what is broken, and what needs to be shifted.

We are seeing the lies and the corruption rising to the surface.

This is not a pleasant experience, it’s messy and disruptive. However it is necessary and timely for the deep healing and awakening that humanity requires at this time.

I realize this perspective is not a popular one among those who wish to stay asleep or avoid self reflection in this.

I get it. Waking up to the truth of what is really going on behind the scenes, can be challenging and uncomfortable. It’s not always pretty, or fun, or easily digestible to realize that we are not being shown the full picture and that there are other corrupt forces at play.

However, raising our conscious awareness is not all unicorns and rainbows and light filled mystical experiences. Sometimes it’s a hard kick in the ass that shatters our illusions, bursts our reality bubbles, and brings the internal walls of protection we’ve built, crashing down around us.

Awakening our consciousness means examining ourselves and our world truthfully, acknowledging what lurks in the shadows and the darkness, and noticing where we are personally and collectively out of alignment.

It requires us to become really honest with ourselves around how our current level of consciousness is feeding the very problems we seek solutions for — and to remember that with great upheaval comes great opportunity for transformation.

Can we view this from a higher perspective that allows us to see the forest through the trees? Can we allow space for beauty and light to emerge from the darkness? Can we stop taking this so personally and instead see the gifts and opportunities that this experience holds?

2. See this as a healing opportunity. Examine what this is reflecting for you.

Acknowledge and take responsibility for what this has stirred within you personally.

Regardless of the personal political beliefs we hold, when something deeply triggers us or pushes our buttons, there is always something for us to examine within ourself. This does not mean we must condone or approve of things we disagree with, however the way we respond to them, shows us exactly what to examine within our own being. We don’t have to like or agree with things in order to approach them from a loving space or to see the higher purpose they may hold.

I am not downplaying the emotional trauma and distress that people are experiencing. Old wounds are getting triggered and that can feel painful and be disorienting. It adds to the collective chaos, leaving many feeling overwhelmed.

However, we can each do our part by owning our own emotional reactions and cleaning up the baggage we are still holding within ourselves. Because the things that bother us the most in other people and in the world, are a reflection showing us the areas within ourselves that are in need of some loving attention.

This is a wonderful opportunity to heal what is unresolved within ourselves. As we do this, we heal the entire planet. As each of us cleans up our own mess, the collective mess becomes smaller. As each of us softens, claiming more love and more forgiveness, this ripples more love and forgiveness into the world as well.

3. Practice forgiveness.

Disengage with the struggle, stop fighting, connect with the humanity in everyone and practice forgiveness.

It’s okay that we don’t all have the same opinions. However continuously fighting with people about who is right and who is wrong, holding onto the resentments or the anger or the fear around this, really isn’t useful. It keeps us tethered to the very anger and fear we don’t want.

Even those with whom we don’t get along or even like, hold something of value. We do not have to be aligned with someone’s beliefs in order to respect another’s humanity and their right to their opinion. This does not mean we have to engage with them, however we also don’t have to hold onto our upset around them or continue to condemn them either.

When we can forgive the people we want to hate or blame, we free ourselves from the lower energetic frequencies and toxic emotions of hate and blame. This frees up our energy and allows for new possibilities and new connections to emerge. It also allows them the space to shift. When we can start viewing people with a fresh pair of eyes, it’s amazing how they can surprise us by showing up very differently.

4. Continue to speak up, express yourself, and advocate for what you believe in.

Keep the energy and movement flowing.

This election has stirred something powerful within many of us and provided an opportunity to use our voices. We’ve been seeing a lot of expression around things that have been extremely out of balance and largely unexpressed until now. It is wonderful to witness the passion this has ignited in so many.

Once the votes are in and a decision has been made, you can continue to advocate for what you believe. Instead of feeling defeated, becoming silent, sitting back and sulking or licking your wounds, continue to speak up for what you feel is important and allow your voice to be heard.

In this, it’s important to remember that the way we communicate matters.

Find a way to share your powerful voice so that people can actually hear you. Communicating from an elevated frequency, one of expansiveness and connection, rather than an angry or forceful one, is much more powerful in delivering your message. It will be more impactful when you share it in a way where people can hear you and potentially receive what you have to offer.

Whatever this election has stirred within you emotionally, be kind and loving with yourself and with others. No matter what your political beliefs, the world needs more love and kindness. No one ever planted a hate tree and grew love.

Be mindful of what you are choosing to hold onto, and be open to releasing what may not be serving your emotional well being. This is all part of what I call, The Alchemy of Awakening.

Diana is a Writer, Psychotherapist, and Spiritual Empowerment Coach. She sees coaching clients worldwide, via Skype and phone.

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