How To Encrypt Your Email And Other Lessons Learned At A Cryptoparty (VIDEO)

Ever since Edward Snowden pulled back the curtain on the National Security Agency's cyberspying, there's been an upswing in "cryptoparties," where IT experts offer guidance on keeping online communications private.

HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps talked with a few technology specialists to get the scoop on what exactly happens at these parties. According to Brian Penny, a blogger at Lifehack, it's a chance for inexperienced Web users to learn easy ways to protect themselves with techniques like encrypting emails.

"It's to let people know that when you're sending a normal email, it's the equivalent of sending a postcard through the mail -- anybody can see what's on there," he said. "But when you use ... encryption, it's like putting that postcard in an envelope and sealing it so nobody can see it except you and the recipient."

Cryptoparties typically also advocate measures like using off-the-record online chat applications and tapping into networks like Tor, which allows users to browse the web anonymously.

"It's bringing real world applications to what the digital technology is and kind of bridging the gap," Penny said.

Check out the full segment on how to evade the NSA at HuffPost Live HERE.



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