How to Energize Yourself for Change (Energy for Action)


Action arises from dissatisfaction. It is purposeful striving towards something. Its ultimate end is always to improve a condition which is conceived to be deficient, to fulfill a need, to achieve satisfaction, to increase happiness. -- Ludwig Von Mises

You can't act consciously unless you first define the future you want to create, and acknowledge that it will not come to pass unless you bring it about.

In order to act you must feel the a gap between what you have and what you want have, what is and what you want it to be. This gap creates a tension that, just like the tension between the poles of a battery, gives you the energy to act.

Conscious action reduces the tension in a healthy way, purposefully striving to get you to where you want to go. Unconscious action reduces the tension in an unhealthy way, compromising on your goals to reduce the stress.

Unconscious people spend their lives trying to avoid what they don't want, running away from a negative vision. Conscious people direct their lives trying to create what they want, running towards a positive vision.

Similarly, unconscious businesses spend their resources to prevent negative outcomes. Conscious businesses invest their resources to fulfill their inspiring mission.

In this video you will understand how a creative gap can energize your actions and those of your organization.

Readers: What is the future that you want to create by reading these posts?

Fred Kofman is Vice President of Executive Development at LinkedIn. This post is part 1.1. of LinkedIn's Conscious Business Program. You can find the introduction and structure of this program in next Wednesday's post. To stay connected and get updates join our group: Conscious Business Friends