How to Enjoy the Opulence of Prosperous Living

The opulence of prosperous living is meant to be commonplace, yet that kind of plenitude is experienced by few. I'm defining opulence as living a full life where you're making your dreams come true.
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The opulence of prosperous living is meant to be commonplace, yet that kind of plenitude is experienced by few. I'm defining opulence as living a full life where you're making your dreams come true.

Most folks live a life of halfness -- they are half healthy, half happy, have half the money they wish they had, they have half harmonious relationships and consequently experience half the plenitude that reality offers. Unfortunately, such folks have been taught to believe that living in a state of halfness is as good as it gets. Yet, they spend hours daydreaming about a life of wholeness, rich with plenitude.

If you're not experiencing the opulence of prosperous living, the odds are that you're not cooperating in a positive fashion with the System of Manifestation.

Do you make a habit of thinking about lack and limit? Do you make decisions in a half-hearted manner? Do you set your aim-bar half-high and aspire no higher in order to avoid failure? If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, you are adulterating your thinking with doubt. Doubt guarantees living without. That's because when you're in doubt you're not cooperating with the System of Manifestation in a positive fashion.

"So," you may ask, "what does it take to cooperate with the System of Manifestation in a positive fashion? How I can turn a life of halfness into a life of wholeness, rich with plenitude?" You begin by placing yourself in a state of consciousness where unwavering expectancy is not a rarity. The moment you decide that you deserve the best, your creative consciousness taps into the System of Manifestation to create the rest.

Here are five steps that place you in the right state of consciousness so that you may cooperate with the System of Manifestation in a positive fashion.

  • Step 1: Stop your whining and excuse making. Those who enjoy the plenitude of life have nothing on you other than the fact that they live with an attitude of thankfulness. It requires no special education, religious or political affiliation, no special birth blessings or family history to adopt the attitude of gratitude. However, it does require making it a habit to say "bless you" much more than "damn you." Put the age old adage, "condemn not" into action. You are not here on this planet to play the role of the harsh judge, but rather to dream big and transform those dreams into reality.

  • Step 2: Think in terms of your ideal being solid and real right now. Give no thought to tomorrow, for tomorrow never comes. That's because when it does come, it's today. Isn't it? Use your imagination to envision yourself already doing -- right now today -- what you want to do. Or already having what you desire to have. Being in the present moment is a crucial step to transforming ethereal abstractions into physical manifestations. Yes indeed, daydreams become reality if handled properly. What would you feel like if you already possessed the outcome you desire in the flesh? Hold that feeling. Perfect! You've taken a crucial step to tap into the System of Manifestation.
  • Step 3: Now it's time for you to come up with an "I AM" affirmation that makes it verbally clear to you that you are no longer desiring the plenitude for which you're aspiring, but rather you are claiming it as a done deal. The best way to claim is to affirm with a feeling of thankfulness, like it's already yours to enjoy. "I AM so grateful that I've received the promotion I worked so hard to get." Speak the affirmation confidently, repeatedly, until you feel the gratitude.
  • Step 4: Vividly imagine a circumstance that will occur after you've received the promotion -- perhaps a celebration party or someone specifically hugging and congratulating you. Hold that vision, add living color to it. If you have succeeded with the steps to this point, you have become fully involved in the System of Manifestation and are cooperating in a positive fashion.
  • Step 5: After you've envisioned your ideal as though it is already a fact, and have enjoyed a celebration event in your mind -- go inside and pay no attention to your reasoning and logical thought-process, but rather to your intuitive side. Pay attention to those urges that tug at you. Those impulses will inspire you to do what needs doing in order to crack wide the door to plenitude. The rest will flow easily. The reason you shouldn't listen to the logical mind is because logic can only reason from past memories, but you're now creating your life from future imaginings that feel as solid and real as steel. Yes, that's possible! The System of Manifestation requires new visions that feel as solid as real, otherwise it simply manufactures more of the same old stuff for you.
  • When you're working with the System of Manifestation and put it into action in positive fashion, you can feel the cooperative spirit because it feels natural for you to eagerly anticipate a life of plenitude.

    Right now, it's springtime in New England. Flowers buds are beginning to bloom. Birds are nesting, preparing to lay eggs. There's a flood of love in the air, everywhere. What makes being a human being such an incredible treat is that we do not have to wait for April to come. You were born to be rich with a bountiful abundance of beautiful experiences year round if you want to. You can decide when springtime will be for thee. You can enjoy twelve months a year of springtime plenitude if you cooperate with the System of Manifestation properly.

    Begin seeing yourself in a larger way. Begin believing in yourself as a free agent of creation. You can commit to making your life an ongoing demonstration of plenitude. Also, you have the power to command that you experience the harshness of winter, twelve months a year. Your attitude determines whether you are a positive or negative expression of the System of Manifestation.

    "Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up" -- Pablo Picasso. You alone decide what it shall be for thee -- poverty or prosperity. You're all grown up now; choose to be a happy artist who enjoys the opulence of prosperous living.

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