How To Eradicate Homophobia In The New Alt-Right Conservative Era [VIDEO]


How? Go directly to the source and require all to look at the issue honestly and without bias (read: tradition or judgment). As a writer and activist, this holiday season and new year is especially vital for all minority groups to stake claim to their rights and dignity. For those of us heading home to more conservative towns and families for the holidays or just in case things get sketchy in the new year with our civil rights, here is a strong reminder (and solid theological fodder) that if you are gay, you are good. More importantly, when we address the source of the issue, we can actually reverse harm done.

As a reminder, many obstructions to LGBTQ rights are grounded in ultra-conservative Christian beliefs, using the Bible to denounce a whole sector of the population. When we address the bigotry and ignorance at the source, we not only win, but we heal.

I see a lot of fear as we enter this new era. For all those activists and scholars, supporters and minorities, we must walk into this time with more awareness and attention to truth. We must wear this truth lovingly. Without this, we may win, but it will be temporary. If we wear truth without ill will toward anyone, then we are able to heal and to heal is to transcend.

In Solidarity,
Brandon Kneefel


What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality, Daniel A. Helminiak, Ph.D.
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How to Read the Bible for All its Worth, Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart
Ex-Gays? There Are None!, Rev. Sylvia Pennington
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