How to Evolve Your Character for a More Meaningful, Successful Life

How to Evolve Your Character for a More Meaningful, Successful Life
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What determines your character?

You do. As do the people around you.

And, of course, genetics play a factor, too.

But according to Webby Award founder, mother and filmmaker Tiffany Shlain's new short cloud film The Science of Character, recent scientific research demonstrates that you can focus on developing certain key personality characteristics. Ultimately, this leads to a more meaningful, successful and happy life.

Psychologists have identified 24 core qualities that people around the world say contributes to a fulfilling life. These include gratitude, humility, curiosity, optimism, and love, among others.

As Tiffany says in the film, "Instead of focusing only on all the things that can go wrong with us, it's also important to celebrate all the things that can go right." As a Joy Champion, I couldn't agree more.

You're all invited to be part of the global film premiere on March 20, #CharacterDay. Screenings of "The Science of Character" will be accompanied by discussion tools, curriculum, and a global online conversation.

They already have over 200 schools and organizations from around the world on board to host screenings, from the San Francisco Children's Creativity Museum to King's College in London to a station in the South Pole! All of the resources are free, and they're even making customized versions of the film for the first 250 to join. It's super easy: sign up here, or introduce us to your child's teacher and we will take it from there.

Let it ripple!