One Thing That's Holding You Back From Getting What You Want

Has the world distracted you from your unique, individual, potential and core self? Dr. Phil has a one-word answer that almost certainly lies at the heart of why you got off track in the first place and have continued there: fear. Fear of change is common currency among human beings. And not only are you fearful of changing, others have all sorts of fears about you changing. The ruts we get into, no matter how damaging or limiting, are at least familiar and predictable. Stepping up and out of those ruts is scary.

Ready to face the bogeyman and get him out into the light of day? Assume that you will have fear — and then take it apart. What fears have kept you from changing in the past? What kind of fear do you expect to feel when you change? Answer those two questions as they relate to these key words below. Be specific and as honest as you know how to be.


Then, ask yourself: What common themes do you see? Fear of losing? Not being loved or respected? Fear of failure or aging? The fears that you are bringing out into the open here do not have to continue to hold you back. Make a commitment right now of heart and soul to unleash your authentic self and to continue to become aware of all that you can be.

Modified excerpt from The Self Matters Companion: Helping You Create Your Life From The Inside Out by Phillip C. McGraw PhD.

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