How To Fall Asleep Faster

Arianna Huffington says a hot bath, a silk nightdress, and REAL books are all part of her routine.

There are a few things we know are really good for us—we just have a hard time doing them. For one: getting all the vegetables we need. Then there’s drinking 3 litres of water a day—our water challenge helped with that! And, sleeping for more than four or five hours a night. Which is hard. Because, you know, with work and the influx of information on our myriad devices...and, ahem, Netflix binges/Instagram blackholes, et cetera, et cetera. But because burnout is a real thing, we realize the latter habit needs to change. As in, we need to establish a nighttime routine that gets us those extra Zs.

Before you roll your eyes and mutter "ain’t nobody got time for that," hear us out. Because if a woman who runs one of the largest (4-billion-page-views-a-month large) websites in the world AND has penned a book about this very topic—aptly titled The Sleep Revolution—can make time to get in the requisite hours, you can too. Here, Arianna Huffington, of the little media hub Huffington Post, gives us her tips for getting the most restful sleep ever and making time for the most important eight hours of your day.